How Will You Celebrate American Education Week?

How Will You Celebrate American Education Week?
Posted on 11/09/2018

American Education Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education. It is also a great time to honor individuals who are making a difference in children’s lives.


Did you know 9 out of 10 students in the United States attend public schools? Educators across the nation dedicate themselves to nurturing and supporting all students.

This year, American Education Week (AEW) is Nov. 12-16. Since 1921, Americans have celebrated public education. The National Education Association (NEA; click here) encourages school communities to celebrate.

There are many individuals in public education that impact students' lives. It takes every single person to make a difference. These individuals include bus drivers and classroom teachers to cafeteria workers and administrative staff. In addition to countless others.

The celebration is also an opportunity for school and community leaders to renew their commitment and support for quality public education for all students.

The AEW tagline is "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility." It reflects NEA's vision of calling upon all Americans to do their part in making public schools great for every child.

NEA President Lily Eskelesen García hopes to see educators and communities show their public school pride.

"Public schools are where students come together in learning communities of all kinds," said García. "They share a simple idea: All students from all backgrounds deserve a good education that inspires their curiosity and love of learning and prepares them for the many opportunities ahead."

García added that schools must have the resources and educators to support students at every step. She emphasized that education support professionals (ESP) are essential to students' educational journey. National Education Support Professionals Day is Nov. 14. These amazing professionals' work falls into one of nine different career families: para-educators; clerical services; custodial and maintenance services; skilled trades; technical services; security services; transportation services; food services; or health and student services.

Education support professionals are often the first people to see students at the start of the school day. They are usually the last ones to see them when the day ends.

To parents in the Aldine community, think about the teachers and ESPs in your children's lives. Let them know if they are impacting your children's personal growth or academic performance.

Families can take pictures that represent their pride in public schools and the educators who make them special. Please post the photos to the District's social media channels using the hashtags #WeLoveOurESP and #AEW2018 to bring special attention to the celebration all week long.